Emergency Lighting Services

Building Audits:
Visual sighting of all emergency evacuation lights in the building. All lights are checked to ensure connection to the local lighting circuit and the correct switchboard. We also check to ascertain if the light is on an emergency lighting test switch. Light fittings are labelled with an ID number and recorded in the building log and all emergency lighting circuit breakers are labelled as per AS 2293. A building report is issued with all emergency lights recorded showing repairs required and any recommendations for the addition, removal or relocating of emergency lighting.

We check and replace any burnt out lamps on all emergency lights and then conduct a 90 minute discharge test of the emergency lighting via the test switch or emergency lighting circuit breaker. All outcomes are recorded on the building test log. All failures and actions required are recorded on a fault report and a quote is issued with recommendations for repair and/or replacement.

Repair and Replacement:
All exchange product repairs are carried out at our Milton workshop and undergo a 16 hour charge and a two hour discharge as required by AS 2293. All exchange products have inverter repairs and a new battery.

Central Battery systems:
We have a high level of experience and knowledge servicing 12, 24, 110 volt DC systems and their emergency lights.